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The All-Art protocol brings incentives for NFT holders by introducing NFT-PRO contracts and ownership-based farming in AMM constant liquidity pools. Art Coins provide liquidity for these LPs, specifically created for NFT-PROs.

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What is the All-Art Protocol?

Liquidity pools for NFTs

Each NFT is available in an LP as NFT-PRO, where 100% of the shares are available for trading.

Fee farming for NFT owners

The transaction fees are shared between NFT owners, not Liquidity Pool Providers (LPPs).

NFT owners set fee distribution

NFT owners define a fee for each direct ownership change, distributed to shareholders proportionally.

What is an NFT-PRO?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital registration of a unique item, thus indivisible by its nature. The ownership of a unique item, on the other hand, is divisible and can therefore be shared between individuals. NFT-PROs are ERC-20 tokens released by locking NFTs, representing 100% of ownership available for trade.

Shared ownership

Each NFT that is locked is transformed into an NFT-PRO, a compatible ERC-20 token, where more individuals can own a share of the item in question.

Owners set fees

Upon creation of an NFT-PRO, whoever locks the NFT sets the rules of ownership transfer with fees distributed to all share owners.

License rights

The missing feature of NFTs is clearly stated license rights. Defined by the original owner, license rights are embedded in the contract based on the percentage of the shares owned.

Governance and profit

Shareholders receive a secondary line of profit from sales of one-time license rights. Governance on each NFT-PRO allows shareholders to grant and price license rights by voting.

What is the mission?

Make art a liquid asset class - Enable artists’ participation - Unlock the full value of the art market - Support living artists - Promote art collecting - Unlock artifacts never seen by the public from museum storages - Bring arts & culture closer to everyone

Unlocking $2 trillion in art

The only way to unlock artworks that are behind closed doors is to make them a more attractive asset class - to make them liquid and accessible. DeFi creates a foundation for a true art market transformation. Borowing against an art piece with the help of blockchain tools can release the largest number of assets to the new market.

We see a bright future for the art market where many more participants will engage in collecting and trading of art, once art becomes a more liquid asset class.

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Market Integration VR-All-Art

VR-All-Art is a platform and a marketplace for artists, galleries, museums and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in virtual exhibitions. VR-All-Art is a virtual space, a metaverse of galleries and exhibition spaces with no physical boundaries. It is revolutionizing art exhibitions and art spaces by giving new power to artists as they are no longer constrained to the limitations of real world space and time.

Utilizing license rights embedded in each NFT-PRO, owners will be empowered to handle their digital collections and create private and public exhibitions, showcasing their acquired works.

Governance and the All-Art Fund

With the introduction of Art Coins, a native token of the All-Art protocol, governance of the protocol is distributed to the community, with voting rights based on their share of token holdings. The All-Art Fund is created out of funds from a yearly inflation, which will be distributed to projects that have applied for financial backing. The community will vote on who gets the funding.

Delegated voting

To ensure professional opinions are considered on important topics, voting can be delegated to art market experts.

Support for the art community

The All-Art Fund is envisioned as a way to help the art community by powering a new funding mechanism, while promoting the protocol.

Voting on changes of the protocol

Art Coin holders have the power to propose changes and vote on upgrades to the All-Art protocol, thus ensuring full decentralization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why lock your NFTs into NFT-PROs?

An NFT is an illiquid asset. It can be sold only if the owner finds a new buyer who is ready to pay the full price asked. With NFT-PROs, there is a way to sell shares of the pieces and engage in constant farming of fees with every transaction. More individuals are thus incentivized to enter the market even if they don’t have enough funds to buy expensive pieces.

Why do we need liquidity pools for NFTs?

LPs are a mechanism for providing constant liquidity on a decentralized permissionless layer running on Ethereum. They are unstoppable and immutable decentralized exchanges - the new DeFi standard in the blockchain space. If the NFT art market is to expand, it needs to offer highly liquid assets to all of the market participants, thus the need for AMM LPs.

How to use your NFT-PRO?

By owning a piece of an NFT-PRO, and having been granted the rights by the author, you can showcase your collection in virtual exhibitions on the VR-All-Art platform, as well as other art platforms that integrate the support for NFT-PROs.

Do you get revenue from transactions?

With every transaction, the Art Coins liquidity pool distributes fees not to LPPs, but to NFT-PRO owners. So yes, every trade gives you a piece of the revenue.