ART coins NFT Art Liquidity Providers

ART coins are native utility tokens of the All-Art Protocol running on the Solana blockchain. Their purpose is to provide liquidity in a unique type of AMM liquidity pools specifically created for NFT-PROs, a new standard for NFTs.

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What is the All-Art Protocol?

The All-Art Protocol provides constant liquidity for NFTs by introducing a new type of liquidity pool AMMs and a new NFT standard called NFT-PRO.

New NFT standard

NFT-PRO is a new standard for art NFTs that enables artists to customize license rights for each art piece they create and embed them into NFT-PRO smart contracts.

Tokenized License Rights

Every NFT-PRO minted on the All-Art Protocol consists of LORTs (License Ownership Right Tokens) which are used to purchase license rights.

NFT-PRO liquidity providers

When an NFT-PRO is minted on the All-Art Protocol, ART coins are placed in its liquidity pool corresponding to the number and value of LORTs set by the creator.

What are NFT-PROs?

NFT-PROs embed license rights into art pieces registered on the blockchain. While a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital registration of a unique item, indivisible by its nature, an art NFT can have multiple licenses embedded into the original piece, with multiple owners.

Tokenized license ownership

Each NFT-PRO that is minted is split into license ownership tokens which represent license rights embedded into that art piece. These tokens can be bought and used to activate different licenses.

Customizable license rights

Artists define and create licenses that are embedded in NFT-PROs they mint on the All-Art Protocol. They also define how many LORTs each of these licenses costs.

ART coins as infrastructure tokens

Prior to purchasing a license to use an NFT-PRO, collectors have to buy ART coins on an open market and exchange them for LORTs from that NFT-PRO’s individual liquidity pool.

Omnipool of NFT-PROs

As ART coins are used in all NFT-PRO liquidity pools on the All-Art Protocol, this creates an omnipool of NFT-PROs collateralized in ART coins.

The All-Art Fund

The All-Art Fund is created out of funds from a yearly inflation of ART coins, distributed to projects that apply for financial backing.

Support for the art community

Supporting the art community by powering a new funding mechanism, while promoting the protocol.

Digitalization efforts

Promoting projects that advance arts & culture, including projects focused on digitalizing real-life art pieces and bringing them into the digital realm.

Adoption of NFT-PRO

Encouraging use of the All-Art Protocol and adoption of the NFT-PRO standard by incentivizing members of the art community.

Market Integration VR-All-Art

VR-All-Art is a platform and a marketplace for artists, galleries, museums and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in virtual exhibitions.

The All-Art Protocol is integrated in VR-All-Art, allowing owners of NFT-PROs to utilize license rights embedded in each NFT-PRO to manage their digital collections and create private and public exhibitions accessible on the web and in VR.

The true power of art comes from curated and contextualised presentation of artists and their work. VR-All-Art enables the NFT market to create curated exhibitions where the true message of the artist can be communicated.