ArtCoin features

ArtCoin is a new digital crypto-currency based on smart contracts and used for art trading, exhibition fees, curation rewards, art dividends, art profits, and many other use-cases that could be associated to arts & culture arena.


Preserving value of art needs traceability. Blockchain as a decentralised ledger enables certification, trust and security like never before.


ArtCoins are used as a basic crypto currency in the trade of artworks in virtual galleries, on web sites as well as in brick and mortar galleries.


With the ArtCoins ecosystem we also introduce “ArtValue”, a unique valuation system that allows to asses the value of artworks independently of any currencies, tokens, market fluctuations and exchanges.


Any website or platform that trades art as well as every artist or gallery will all be able to apply ArtCoins to handle transactions - even on smartphones.


The ArtCoins platform will offer as well third party insurance services, based on the blockchain. These services will enable safe purchases and transports of art pieces across the globe.

VR All Art platform

VR ALL ART is a platform and a marketplace for artists, galleries, museums, universities, art schools and for the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art. VR ALL ART is a virtual space, an unlimited gallery metaverse with no borders and no physical boundaries. VR ALL ART sets the foundation for an unprecedented evolution of art exhibitions and art spaces. And it offers new power to the artists as they are no longer constrained to the physical limits of real world space and time.

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Exploring the art world has never been more exciting

Virtual Reality

With the appearance and evolution of VR we now have the possibility to overcome all boundaries of space and time and present art in a way that was unimaginable until today.

Augmented Reality

AR technology enables art lovers to experience art works in their own space, just with the camera on their smartphone and a VR ALL ART mobile app.

Mixed Reality

Holographic technology enables mixing and overlaying digital and real worlds. Virtual art pieces will appear anywhere in the real world - in the middle of a room on walls or a in the open space outdoor.

ArtCoins Platform

Accessing decentralised blockchain data, from the ArtCoins wallet to the transaction history, art certificates and personal collections: everything will be handled on the ArtCoins platform. Trading of real and digital art on a blockchain based marketplace enables art to be an investment like never before.

Web platform

A personal ArtCoins management toolbox will grant users access to a wallet, art collections and trading details. Through the web platform the user will be able to trade art and participate in open markets in the art space.

First ever
blockchain with
mining based on
descovery and
creation of real-life

Mobile application

A dedicated ArtCoins mobile app will not only serve as the user’s ArtCoins wallet and personal collection info point, but it will also enable easy buying and selling of art - event if the user is not using the VR ALL ART platform. The mobile app will contain the following features:

  • ArtCoins Wallet
  • Personal art collection management
  • Open exchange
  • Trading tools
  • Curation on demand
  • Art market news and trends


Changing the way we present, discover, experience and trade art affects many players in the field. Our mission with ArtCoins and VR ALL ART is to bring all agents in the art world closer together and to promote people’s interest in art in a sustainable and rewarding way.


Creators of art are in constant struggle to showcase and sell their work. Thanks to the VR ALL ART platform factors like size of artworks, space, location and time will no longer be an obstacle.


The digital world opens new possibilities where space and time are no longer an issue.


Organizing and profiling of art is now accessible, creates value and brings profits with special curation-on-demand program.


Cross-border access to quality art is no longer a problem. Trading becomes a global investment opportunity.

Art Lover

A visit to any exhibition is no longer bound to geographical or time limits.


Creating virtual exhibitions opens new audiences and changes museums into global institutions.

Market size and value

These data were published in the Art Basel's 2016 report on global art markets

Global Art Market
(Billions $)
Online Art Sales
(Billions $)
Art Dealers
Online sales growth y2y


As dedicated change makers we push the boundaries and seek a real disruption of the way art is presented and traded globally. We are aware that putting up a roadmap for such a disruptive endeavour is very difficult. And we know that the development might not follow a straight line. Thus we will follow our clear vision and our goals for each phase and adjust the planning according to the circumstances we meet.







Alpha stage

VR All Art

  • First virtual gallery spaces created
  • First exhibitions created
  • Backend setup with managers web interface
  • First exhibition planning tool prototype
  • First exhibitions created with planning tool

Art Coins

  • Creation of detailed specification
  • White-paper publication
  • ArtCoins website launch
Q1-Q2 2017

Beta stage

VR All Art

  • More 3D galleries created
  • First online version of VRAA
  • Closed Beta program opened
  • First virtual art exhibitions on art shows


  • Preparations of smart contract logic
Q3 2017

Pre-Launch stage

VR All Art

  • First Mobile Augmented Reality app
  • First Mixed Reality HoloLens app
  • Public beta version of VRAA


  • Programming of ArtCoins smart contracts
  • Testing of smart contracts
Q4 2017

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

  • Web backend becomes a functional web portal
  • Public launch of full VR All Art version
Q1 2018

Lift-off stage

VR All Art

  • ArtCoins wallet and payment infrastructure full integration
  • Marketing and PR activities in art world


  • Integration of ArtCoins with Altcoins exchanges
  • Integration of ArtCoins with VRAA
  • First Art Piece sold with ArtCoins
Q2 2018

Expansion stage

VR All Art

  • Team expansion
  • Large number of galleries, artists and museums onboarded
  • Marketing and PR activities in art world


  • First integration with external websites
  • Adoption of ArtCoins in other use cases other than trade
  • Creation of API for wider integration with web portals dealing with art
  • ArtCoins wallet accessible as a separate app/platform
Q3-Q4 2018

Meet The Team

We have been creating things, programming and designing for decades.

Vitomir Jevremovic


Developer, Archaeologist, IT veteran with 20 years of experienece. CEO of Digital Mind ltd. Developer of VR, AR, web and mobile applications in the fields of marketing, culture and education. Cryptoenthusiast with faith in disruption.

Charles Blunier

Creative direction

Owner and creative director at – a swiss design studio, specialised in aesthetically driven brand communications for brands mostly in the fields of luxury, lifestyle and wealth management.

Alexander Fuerer

Strategy & Operations

Advertising creative and digital strategist with 20 years of experience in the field of marketing communication and business development, co-owner of the Zurich based design agency TKF Kommunikation & Design

Milos Bozovic, PhD

Economic modeling

Dr. Božović is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade since 2012. He is an External Lecturer at the Department of Management and Economics of European Business School (Frankfurt, Germany).

Marko Krmpotic

Senior developer

Slobodan Kovacevic

Technical 3D director

Milos Marjanovic

Senior developer

Anica Zivaljevic

Experience Director

Dragana Bulajic

Account Director

Vladimir Vitez

3D Modelar

Ana Glisic

Social Media

Matthias Eberle


Contact Info

P: (123) 123-45670